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Spa & Whirlpool Bathtubs with Dream Bath Genie

After a long day, what better feeling is there than relaxing in your own whirlpool tub? For more than 25 years, the pros at Dream Bath Genie have been helping people get the luxurious, beautiful bathrooms of their dreams. If you think that a brand new spa or whirlpool tub is out of your reach, think again!

traditional spa tub

Spa & Whirlpool Company

You don’t have to wait any longer to get the bathroom you’ve always wanted! Dream Bath Genie can completely transform your bathroom in as little as one day! We offer a beautiful selection of spa and whirlpool bathtubs in addition to decorative surrounds, grab bars, soap dishes, and other built-in accessories. Beauty, durability, and affordability—don’t wait any longer to get your new spa or whirlpool tub!

Bathroom Features

Deeper than a standard tub, our whirlpools have built-in armrests, water jets, and warm-air massage jets at prices you can afford. Another Dream Bath Genie option is our deep soaking tub, which is over 20 inches deep and provides you with spa-like relaxation without the whirlpool jets. After 15 minutes in one of our tubs, you will emerge refreshed and energized.

Contact Dream Bath Genie today to learn more about our wide selection of spa and whirlpool bathtubs and flexible financing options. We have the perfect tub to fit any home or décor! Speak to one of our friendly representatives for more information and to schedule your FREE, in-home bathroom remodeling estimate.

From Drab to Dreamy in About One Day!